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Get Started - Amaozn prime is one of the most popular platform for video streaming. Amazon prime video subscribers are increasing day by day. You can select Amazon prime video on our TV just by entering amazon mytv code at and sign in to amazon account. If you face any issues in activate prime videos on your smart tv, contact the prime support team.

How to activate Amazon Prime video on your TV

  1. Open up the application of Amazon prime video on your smart television.
    • If this application is not downloaded on your television. You can easily download it through the app store on your smart TV.
  2. If you are a member of Amazon prime video, then log in on Amazon prime video application.
    • Otherwise, you can do registration over it to enjoy the Amazon prime video app.
  3. Save the Unique device verification code that appeared on the screen
  4. Put this amazon mytv code at webpage.
  5. Then select a movie on Amazon prime by opening up the details of Amazon prime video
  6. Then select to watch now, which is the option to watch your favorite movie over your smart TV.

Now you can stream unlimited movies and TV episodes on amazon prime video app. There are more than 1000 videos available on Amazon Prime and you can search easy by category. Amazon Prime video allow their users to download videos in three different formats such as SD, HD, and 4k Ultra HD quality so that users can download as per their required video quality. To watch amazon prime video on any device you always need to register the device on the Amazon Prime video using If you face any issues, contact amazon support team.